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Land Rover ATF Mega Flush Service

Is your auto gearbox slow at changing gear? Juddering, hunting between gears or over revving?

Then your auto box could benefit from an ATF mega flush and fluid change.

Discovery 3’s, Discovery 4’s and Range Rover Sports and Range Rover L322’s with the ZF-6HP or ZF-8HP automatic gearbox should have a lovely smooth gear change. However, these gearboxes are supposed to be sealed for life so no service schedule includes changing the gearbox fluid.

As with any hardworking oil, the gearbox fluid in these gearboxes can get hot and generally worn out. Common signs are torque converter judder, slow and erratic gear changes and what feels like clutch slip as the engine revs but the speed does not increase.

HWB Automotive have a state of the art Launch ATF Flush Machine which flushes the oil system of automatic gearboxes and changes the old, worn out ATF in a simple and effective way.

We use a flush additive to remove, varnish and clean internal components. The old fluid is then removed and replaced simultaneously with ZX-6HP specification fluid. We also add a conditioner to the new ATF fluid which helps to maintain the fluid, gearbox and seals in a good condition.

It is very common for the gearboxes to start showing problems from around 80,000 miles. In most cases, an ATF flush will eliminate these problems. Many owners are choosing to have this ATF fluid service done at lower mileages as a preventative measure, rather than waiting until they start to get problems.

This service is carried out by appointment at our workshop in Halesworth. The operation takes approx 1.5 hours
We can accommodate all Land Rover models and many other marques, please contact us for further information.
Please call us on 01986 873999 for more information or to book an appointment.

Features and Benefits

  • Cleans and flushes the internal gearbox components.
  • Flushes out debris and contaminants
  • Removes over 99% of old, worn out fluid
  • Replaces exactly the same volume of new fluid
  • The correct ZF-6HP fluid is used
  • Eliminates common gearbox problems
  • Preventative measure for healthy gearboxes


We can cater for all Land Rover and Range Rover Gearbox needs so please get in touch

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